My Favorite Beauty Blogs.

It's a known fact to some of the closest people around me that I am an obsessive researcher when it comes to something that I truly want and love. When I was younger, I use to have the most beautiful hair, thick,soft, and long. Then the inevitable came, puberty hits......... and BAMN my hair became this coarse unruly mess.

To describe how bad it was, if I were to  put up my hair in a ponytail and run (during those dreaded P.E. lessons in school) , my ponytail would swing to the right, but it won't return to its original position UNLESS I physically smoothed it back down. Not sure if you got my description but it was hella bad and I've got pictures to prove it! To cut things short, during those awkward teenage years, I was obsessed with finding the right products for my hair, manuka honey and olive oil mask (check) coconut oil (double check) I even saved up my lunch money just so that I could buy these beautiful things called serums and hair masks, my saviors. Of course I would not have stumbled upon these remedies without my best friends google and yahoo

So here are some of my favorite beauty blogs.

1. (beauty)
2. (the best skincare blog)
3. (currently my favorite beauty blog)
4. (beauty and fashion)
5. (best review website)
6. (skincare, amazing if you want to check the comedogenic levels of the ingredients   in your products)
7. (beauty and fashion)
8. (who doesn't love her?! lifestyle blog)
9. (beauty)
10. (beauty)
11. (beauty and fashion)
12. (beauty and fashion)

The list goes on and on, but as of now, these are  the blogs that I read on a daily/weekly basis. Gotta say that some of my favorite things to do on a friday night is to stay in and catch up on reading the blogs... shhh