It's okay if you're not perfect

Hello Internet Friends!

So these past few weeks, I have been catching up with some of my close girlfriends, and I realized one thing. Us girls - we.are.very extremely.insecure. No matter how stunning/smart/funny/sexy you are, there will always be that small piece of you (u know that creepy voice in your head) that maybe just maybe thinks that you are not good enough. And you know what? That's fine. We all go through it, but we all deal with it differently, some more extreme than others but hey if it makes you feel good about yourself, then keep doing it. As long as you know who you are and the person that you know you can be, keep holding on to that. 

Case and point - You know when you were growing up, there will always be this one "cool girl"/ "it girl"/ "hotstuff" that every guy wants and every girl dreams on becoming? Yeah I was never and never will be one of those girls. Of course, at that point in time, there was nothing more that I wanted to be, than to BECOME that cool girl (of course I wanted several other things too lah, like good grades etc, I'm not that superficial....)  I didn't have the perfect hair, the perfect skin, the perfect body, the expensive clothes, the confident attitude - I was pretty much the opposite of all of that. Fast forward a few years later,  I realized that, hey, yeah I may not be that cool confident girl, but I am me, and no one else will ever be me. So once I accepted that, everything started to fall into place. So now instead of focusing on what I don't have, I try to focus on things that I do have, and work with what I have and this applies to everything of course, not just your physical appearance. 

 "You work with what you’ve got, and we can all look beautiful if we understand that it’s the attitude from within and how we use certain products that highlight our best features."- Elle Macpherson.

Now on to the good stuff. So I have been trying and trying too many disappointing products. Disappointing because of my crazy sensitive skin that can't seem to accept anything but the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Every time I try to stray away from that I get these crazy bumps on my face.  I'll write a post about disappointing products #2 soon! 

On to some products that I ACTUALLY LOVE -these babies from theBalm 

TheBalm Frat Boy Blush(RM75) is a gorgeous peachy pink blush!Extremely pigmented and beautiful. Next up is theBalm Mary-Lou-Manizer (RM89), a beautiful golden highlighter that would suit our asian skin tones beautifully! I got both items when I had quite a hectic day and needed to spend my sorrows away (HA-HA). Both items are available at all SASA outlets around Malaysia, so head over there and give them a test drive now please! Here's a photo of me spotting both items, but you really can't see much but here we go :

Alright guys, that will be all for tonight because, keep an eye out for a new post this weekend, I am in need of a MAJOR rant about several products!! 


  1. Omg gurrrrrrl, you're freaking gorgeous!!

    Would love to see more blogposts from you!!

  2. quyaaaaa. you are so flippin' fair. LOVE ♥


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