How to get over a tough week!

Hello all!

Apologies for the lack of posts.

You know sometimes after a "S.T.R.O.N.G" cup of black coffee (the best magical drink on EARTH), you feel like nothing is impossible, you're on top of the world, ie- the coffee giving you unrealistic expectations of productivity.....then suddenly it hits you like a wrecking ball you feel horrible/meh/or my best way to describe this mysterious feeling is ...............................................

So here are some of my personal favorite things to do, when I'm having one of those moments/days/weeks/months?

1. Give yourself a time out. Let it out, whether it's a breakup, your favorite game of thrones character dying, your sister ruining your favorite pair of jeans or whatever it is, give.yourself. a. break. Cry over it  - allow yourself to have the "mourning phase"

2. Give yourself a cut off date- allow yourself to "mourn" for a few days or maybe weeks depending on how severe the situation is. If you want to stay in all weekend and sleep in all day, and drown yourself with Haagen Dazs -DO IT. (Although, after several attempts at this method, I concluded that HAPPINESS IS NOT AT THE BOTTOM OF THAT TUB OF ICE CREAM LADIES!

3. Then it's time for some tough love. YOU CAN'T drown in your sorrows forever. One thing I've learned after I started working is - learn how to keep it together, and MOVE ON. Nobody and I mean nobody enjoys hanging out with a person who is negative all the time. Just because you are feeling negative, doesn't mean that you should spread the negativity to everybody around you. Time to get yourself together- start with your usual routine, work out, eat better, step away from that tub of temporary happiness  ice cream

4. Have some quality time alone. You would be surprise at how some solo time would benefit you. Get ready, choose your favorite outfit, wear your favorite perfume, head on to your favorite restaurant and dine alone.

5. I've said it once and I'll say it again- retail therapy. It works. Doesn't have to be something crazy expensive, but just something to instantly lift your mood

6. Grocery shopping. I somehow feel that what I eat reflects how I'm feeling at a particular moment. I feel happier if I know what I'm eating is good for my body. You know that feeling after downing a set meal from Mcdonalds- that lethargic crappy feeling? These emotions will be heightened when you are already feeling "crappy" to begin with. So try and eat a healthy balanced meal for a week and see how you feel

7. Now it's time to "incorporate" people back into your life. Start spending more time with the people that make you happy.

8. Set a goal that you want to achieve by the end of this year and work towards it. (Lose a few pounds, eat healthily on a regular basis, go to the gym on a regular basis, get a haircut, go on a solo trip abroad) Whatever it is- JUST. DO. IT.

9. Have a clear mindset of the kind of person that you want to be. Maybe you are not that person yet, but work towards it. Once you have goals, you will have a focus, so all you gotta do is work towards it.

10. Sidenote-  a few months ago, on one of my "wild" nights in, I stumbled across an article about the difference between loving someone from your insecurities vs. loving someone when you are truly happy with yourself (not too sure about the title of the article). The main point of that article was that if you love someone from your insecurities all you want to do is to "receive & demand" something from the person that you love. Whereas if you are truly happy with yourself, all you would want to do is to give that special person the happiness that he or she deserves. Deep huh? So that's my goal for the remaining part of 2014. To be someone who loves from her security rather than her insecurities.

Sorry for the long blabby post. Next up- an update about the Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Peel Pads. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!