Disappointing Products - Part 1

Happy Monday Everybody!

Usually I'm the type of girl that would stick to the products/style/food that I have tried and loved. I'm extremely "risk averse" especially when it comes to food- I can eat the same thing over and over again. While I was living in London the ONLY thing that I would order whenever I go to an Indian Restaurant - Garlic Naan with Butter Chicken or Keema Mutter. Had that for 3 years and I gotta say - no regrets ma friends no regrets at all.

However, when it comes to beauty products, I always feel like I've got to try everything and I mean every. damn. thing. My oh so rationale boyfriend would always say and I quote "quya you only have one face, you can't possibly try everything" and my reply to him was - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. 

I began my quest to try as many beauty products that I can get my hands on- for the sake of science (read: how I convinced my financial advisor boyfriend before every single purchase). So here's part 1 of some of the disappointing products that I have tried.

NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (RM 100) - One word : Overhyped. While I absolutely love the formula of this eye primer (light & undetectable) this does not make my eyeshadows last at all. Especially in the humid Kuala Lumpur weather, I find that my shadows tend to migrate/transfer by the end of the day- absolutely fine if you're going for the whole "lived in/grunge/kate moss smoky eye look" BUT not if you work in a corporate environment! I definitely prefer the Urban Decay Primer Potion (RM79) to this as it actually makes my eyeshadows LAST and it's slightly cheaper too so that's a bonus!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (RM145) - I rarely wear primers on a day to day basis. I bought this primer as I had a few major weddings to attend this year and I needed  wanted to look extra flawless. This primer leaves a sticky film on my face (expected as that will help foundation adheres to it). However, I found that the stickiness/tackiness can be somewhat overwhelming. On top of that, after a couple of uses, I noticed that my skin was becoming congested every time I use this product. I decided to stop using this product on my face and started using this as my eye primer instead - so far so good!

Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation (RM300++) - This was without a doubt a definite impulse purchase. I was in Japan.... this brand is loved by some of my favorite makeup artists/youtubers....In short I was just #feelingspendy! Decided to give this a go even though I knew this type of product would not suit my sensitive skin. It contains mineral oil, it's quite thick in texture and it's extremely drying despite the name. After a few months of using it to spot conceal my problem areas, I noticed that  my skin was getting congested in the areas where I applied this product. On top of that, I also noticed that this product does not last on my skin despite it's heavy and thick texture. Shortly after I stop using this product, I noticed that my congested areas calmed down and is slowly but surely diminishing. Overall, this was a complete waste of money. What can I say, you win some you lose some eyh? Nevertheless, I would still continue to use it on certain occasions- weddings/dinners.