My Long-Term Relationship with Healthy Eating

Dear body,
I love you despite how awful I treat you at times. I apologise for all the times I’ve hurt you by consuming copious amount of Pringles/TimTams/Pizzas………I apologise for all the times I’ve let stress get the best of me and made me not work out for days…weeks…months… But most of all I apologise for the times I succumb to temptations and let ICE CREAM win!

After living abroad for a few years, I’ve realised that I actually enjoy preparing my own meals and actually knowing what goes into my body. I found my trips to Whole Foods extremely therapeutic and dare I say it –FUN. It’s like retail therapy but cheaper and better! So naturally, the whole clean/healthy eating thing started to become my part-time lover, -part-time due to my inconsistencies (read: PMS= healthy eating what?!) After several ups and downs, I’m happy to announce that I’m in a long-term relationship with healthy eating (TOO CHEESY?!yes?no?) .

Gotta admit that growing up, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my body - hate mostly. After hitting my 20s, I’ve realised that the best thing that I can do for my body and myself, is to love it and the best way to do it is by being in control of what I put in it.

Sorry – not really for the long intro as health in general is a subject that is very close to my heart. If I had to choose between writing about healthy eating or skincare, I would probably pick healthy eating. Now on to the yummy stuff- what my diet generally consists of:

Snack/Breakfast Options for work - Yoghurt,Gluten Free Crackers,Figs and of course Papayas!

Weekend Breakfasts- Black coffee & Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats (made with almond milk + 1 mashed up banana + 2/3 dates)

Lunch: Anything from this Vegetarian & Organic Restaurant in Hartamas - Fru-T-Pop


Some sort of Salad- This one is a bit unhealthy: Chicken Caesar Salad from Obriens (normally I would opt to omit the chicken crisps + croutons+ all the bad stuff, but sometimes I like to take risks and try the chicken crisps too!#carpediem). If I don't feel particularly spendy for lunch, I'll have something like Capati /Clear Chicken Soup or anything edible but healthy-ish from my office

Lunch/Dinner on Weekends or Weekdays: Depending on where I go or what I'm doing. Picture above is Grilled Salmon & Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Grilled Vegetables + some sort of fresh juice from Opika Organic Restaurant in 1 Utama (one of my favorite go to restaurants for healthy dishes!) 

As I mentioned earlier, I try to eat healthy as much as I possibly can, BUT BUT BUT.... I do have my weak moments especially during/before "that time of the month" where I feel like I want to eat everything or anything that I can get my hands on! (can I get a HELL-YES from my fellow PMS-ers?!). During those times, I would opt for my favorite thing in the world, and that is .....

Pepperoni Pizza! Sorry body, I love you, but sometimes I feel like I love PIZZA MORE!

 The infamous Daily Grind Waffles topped with Maple Syrup! Was never a big fan of waffles until I met this beautiful thing!

In general, my diet philosophy is that I try to eat healthy about 70% of the time. If I feel like having Timtams, I would, but i'll try to only have 1 or 2 Timtams and not finish the whole pack in one go - as Oscar Wilde puts it "Everything in moderation,including moderation"