First Aid Beauty- Facial Radiance Pads [Review]


As you all may or may not know, I am completely obsessed with skincare. There's just something about beautiful skin that excites me. Every time I see a woman/man with beautiful skin I just go "wow you lucky lucky creature", this train of thought also applies to when I see good looking women/men, people with amazing hair, people with deep set eyes, people with amazing lashes, people with amazing personality (cause you know, personality COUNTS!) and the list goes on.......

Now, where were we?SKIN!

About 2 months ago, I decided to purchase the Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Peel Pads as I wanted something to "gently" exfoliate my skin. While I do think that it's a good/ok product, it was way too harsh for my crazy sensitive skin.  I found that I was only able to use it once a month in order to not experience any adverse effects (peeling skin, irritated skin bumps?- total eeekiness!) . Results wise- it was OK, but I paid RM200 for that shizz, so I don't think "OK" would suffice, do you??

Coincidentally, one of my favorite beauty bloggers , Karima from posted a picture of the First Aid Beauty ("FAB") facial radiance pads on her instagram. My immediate reaction was - "google FAB SEPHORA MALAYSIA", BADA BIM BADA BOOM :

Two weeks in, and I think this baby could possibly change my skin  life. It does exactly what it says - exfoliate,tone & brighten. Within the span of two weeks, my skin is much smoother,brighter and clearer. Irritated under the skin bumps are gone, skin feels more normal, neither dry nor oily. In my opinion, the First Aid Beauty pads are much more suited for individuals with sensitive skin, whereas the Peter Thomas Roth Pads would cater to individuals with more resilient skin. Full review coming up once I've finished the first tub of pads.

I got the FAB pads as part of a set which consists of a face cleanser (50ml), the radiance peel pads (28 pads) and a moisturiser (50ml)- all three for RM105. The full sized FAB facial radiance pads alone (60 pads) retails for RM105 and is available at any Sephora outlets in Kuala Lumpur- KLCC, Starhill Gallery, Sunway Pyramid & Paradigm Mall.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I now give you permission to head on to your nearest Sephora tomorrow (Saturday, 7 June 2014) and grab these babies!