Fake It Till You Make It

As #corporateslaves, I'm sure we've ALL had those moments/days/ months where we've stumbled into the office yawning, looking like we've just got hit by a truck.....no? Guess it's just me then...

This is how I normally assemble my very own pillow fort of lies and trick my colleagues into thinking that I've had 8 hours of sleep instead of watching 8 episodes of game of thrones!

1) Concealer - Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade custard. A few dabs of this under the eyes, around my nose and cheeks to cover any redness or unwanted "friends" and hello well rested eyes & face!

2) Us Asians are not naturally blessed with deep set eyes, but hey, thank god for make up right? I normally like to shade my socket to give my eyes a little bit more dimension and more of a "defined" appearance. But hey if you think you can rock the "puffy-eyes" look then you can skip this step. For my socket, I am currently loving Mac -Omega.

3) Groom em brows - I use my trusty Suqqu Eyebrow Pen in Moss Green to tame my crazy brows and make them look somewhat presentable. Although sometimes I tend to go overboard with it, especially when I'm trying to channel the whole Cara Delevingne vibe......

4) Curled Lashes + Mascara - To open up those eyes and give it a more bright & awake appearance Some people would rather opt for eyeliners as opposed to mascaras, but for my eyes, I think eyeliners tend to make them look "smaller" than they actually are - each to their own, it's all about finding what works for you.

5)Blush - Mac Blush in Peach, nothing fancy, anything that would add "color" to my face would be good. The aim is to fool people into thinking that I've just been on a jog and not downed 3 cups of strong black coffee

6)Last but not least, lips. I'm not a lip person per say because a) My lips are pigmented as hell naturally, so anything I put on top of it would just look WRONG, b) I'm just flat out l.a.z.y............................ until I found this miracle of a product - NYX matte lip cream in stockholm. This product is right up my street because a) it's super low maintenance b) it's the perfect "my lips but better" type of shade and c) it retails for only RM26!so YAY! and....... tadaa:


Packed Lunch/Dinner - Grilled Chicken , Sweet Potatoes + Spinach, and One Yellow Banana!

aaaaand that's a wrap!