Being an adult

It's 8.30 am on a gloomy monday morning in kl and my car breaks are making these horrible sounds, sounds like a dead vampire/mega old goat is jammed somewhere in my engine.. Le sigh...

I'm on leave,thankfully so off I go to the nearest service centre.....5 hours and RMXXX later, i realised that i needed to go to the bank to sort out my saving plans for 2016.

While i was at the service centre, i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror which inspired me to write this post- deathly pale face, "karat" hair with roots peeping out, im gonna be 27 next year, and i literally look and feel like DEATH!

Being an adult means, scheduling your monthly car payments,car services, telephone bills, hair touch ups, saving allocations, student loans,it's tought alright, but the satisfaction that you get for earning and paying for every single thing that you own is extraordinary!Well kinda la. Random
Ramble while i sit here waiting for my dumpling soup to arrive, will catch up with you guys soon!Miss you loads!