Skincare Update

Helllll....oooooo internet friends!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I have been trying out a new skincare range - Derma RX products. 
I decided to give the Derma RX products after reading a ton of glowing reviews, so I thought to myself, what do I have to loose right?My skin was not doing too well with all the stress...did somebody say quarter life crisis? So yes, I took the plunge, went to the Derma RX clinic in Kuala Lumpur, located at Plaza Damas I'm happy to report that it's been crazy amazing!!!My skin responded extremely well to the products. My main concerns were small bumps that will normally "magically" appear out of nowhere during "that time of the month" and the unevenness of my skin's texture, gotta say that after 2 months of regular use, I no longer suffer from these random annoying bumps, and my skin's texture has improved tremendously....(foundation who now?)

I will do a more detailed review of the products that was prescribed to me. But for those eager beavers reading this post..(high-5 YOU!), here's a link to their official website:

Just a head's up, I went to see Dr. Jason Yip from the Derma Rx Clinic located at Plaza Damas. The consultation fee is RM50 for first timers, and RM25 for subsequent visits.

Look out for my full review with all the products' details, how I use them and the creepy before and after shots of my zombie face!

With my newfound skincare love, I find that I don't use as much makeup as I used to = more sleep = more time for my no.1 lover,ie black coffee = more time to chill in the morning = a happier me! Here's what I've been using to hide my panda eyes along with the other eekiness that comes with it

 Here's the end result (*excuse the weird pose - W.I.P.)

You know something's working for you when your oblivious significant other notices a change in your appearance.

Significant Other: Ohh your skin looks so smooth

Me (*bursting with happiness inside, but still trying to keep my cool): Ohh really?In what way?

Significant Other: It looks really really smooth, no bumps at all, and you're not wearing makeup right?

Me :

Significant other: Hmm maybe you should take me to this clinic, I want to reduce my pore size.........

Happy Diwali everybody!