Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control [Review]

Hello Everybody, wow wow wow wow wow, what do we have here? 2 years ago, when I started my skincare adventure I was in London,so it didn't really occur to me that maybe just maybe I should try out some of the Asian cosmetics, because you know, I'm ASIAN! 

After my trip to Japan earlier this year, where I was overwhelmed by the women/men with perfect porcelain complexions..... then.... it HIT me like a wrecking ball, - time to give the asian cosmetics the "test drive" that they truly deserve. So I started with some Japanese brands - Fancl (love their cleansing oil), SKII (not a big fan), and then I moved on to Korean skincare- Laneige, and that opened up the gates to my current obsession with koreans & their skin, but I'll save that story for another day.

The first thing that I tried from Laneige was their White Plus Renew Skincare Kit. After using it for about 2 months, I decided that it was not for me (full review coming soon). However, I didn't want to give up so quickly, so I gave their BB Cushion Pore Control a try- and I absolutely love it!

It retails for RM145 a pack (inclusive of a refill), so I'd say that it's a really good bang for your buck. Laneige's BB Cushion comes in two ranges, the white plus as well as the pore control. I chose the pore control version as I wanted my makeup to last all day and not melt off in the middle of the crazy humid Malaysian whether. 

What I like most about this BB Cream is that, it has a high SPF (SPF 50), it's fairly quick and easy to apply, and it doesn't irritate my crazy sensitive skin - which is pretty impressive since most SPFs irritate my skin like crazy.

What I don't quite like about this product is that the shades that they offer are quite limited, you can't use too much of it or it will "cake" up (#soguiltyofthis) and sometimes, you can appear just a bit too fair (due to the limited shades).

I'm still currently using it, because although it doesn't make my skin look super flawless and super perfect, it's quick, and it doesn't irritate my skin - which is what I mainly look for in a base product.

In terms of skincare, I have been trying out a new exciting range, and I'm happy to report that it's working amazingly for me - this could possibly mean that I have found my dream skincare range! Lets have a sneak peak at it shall we?

Yes oh yes, I have been trying out the Derma RX Skincare Range! 3 weeks in and I'm loving the results already! Full review will be up soon!

That's it from me today peeps, hope everyone had an amazing Malaysia Day - gotta love Malaysia & its numerous public hols!

That's me attempting to take a cool photo but it turned out to look like that... or this 

The photographer  boyfriend sure needs more training.....sheeeesh!Till next time !