World Cup Fever (Literally), Beauty Blender & Nars Eyeliner

Hello All!

Apologies for the lack of posts, but what's a girl to do, it's world cup season baby!

I mean seriously, what's not too love?Beautiful game, beautiful MEN (footballers & their managers included - have u seen joachim loew?!) 

Q:Is it just me or do footballers just. have. AMAZING skin?! Must be all that running, but damn gotta say that when the cameras zoom in on their faces, they're all practically poreless. That's it guys, I think my future son will become a footballer because a) he WILL have amazing skin and b) HE WILL HAVE AMAZING SKIN.

Due to the unfortunate timing of the matches, I have been surviving on 4 hours of sleep everynight = lack of sleep = crazy panda eyes (nothing a concealer can't hide ;) ) = crazy dehydrated skin = poor diet ( blame it on all the midnight munching - u can't watch a match without some snacks right?!) = feeling like crap and the cycle continues! But not to worry my friends, I still got a few new purchases this month to you know, add a lil bit of sunshine into my tired soul...

First up is the Nars Larger Than Life Long -Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte (Fleshed toned/skin color). Bought this liner as I wanted something to combat my red bloodshot eyes, because yep you guessed it - my lack of sleep. A fleshed tone eyeliner is meant to supposedly brighten up the inner rim of your eyes and "makes" you look more awake than you actually are. Verdict : Hell to the yeah! I love this thing, at RM90 a pop, it ain't cheap, but hey if it makes you look more awake for early morning meetings then why the heck not?!

Next up is the infamous beauty blender. Over the last couple of weeks, my skin has been acting up. Maybe it's the lack of sleep & water, maybe it's just crazy, who knows??What can you do right? You win some you lose some. So naturally makeup hasn't been going on as smoothly as I want it too. I bought my beauty blender from - a singaporean based online beauty shop. It was my very first purchase from this website and I'm ABSOLUTELY impressed with their service. I've only been using the beauty blender for about a week, and I have to say that I can't say that I love it. I mean it's okay, but definitely not worth it for the price (RM72, but I got mine for RM51 as it was on promotion on Luxola).

In conclusion (wow how formal is that?!)- Yay for Nars and Luxola's amazing service and Nay for ze Beauty Blender.

Hope all of you are having a great week!I sure am, after the amazing Argentina vs Swiss match yesterday.

P/S: HAPPY RAMADHAN everybody!